Morning Exposures

I am not a frog Loving my comfy bath Boiling in your death pools Because I don’t know any better I fear not the Grimm Reaper The midnight creeper the heart-monitor beeper gone silent to proclaim my passing Because my spirit is divine I have no need to work for time According to divine decree [...]

Beyond The Waters

I know we all have our own ways of celebrating good fortune. Me, I’ve been dancing a zig ever since my new book, Beyond the Waters hit a few days ago. I simply adore the book and everyone who helped me put it together. But I am most appreciative of those of you who [...]

Christmas Blessings Flying at Me

My family, daughter, son-in-law and their amazing children are coming for Christmas. And, my new book of Poetry, Beyond the Waters, will be available on within a fortnight. Here’s a taste: Where Do Angels Come From I think it’s great that God resides in all of us but there are times when we need [...]