Living a Dream: Reports of My Demise

As a writer or even worse a poet, I am the basest of thieves. I will steal a line in a heartbeat if it tickles my fancy. I am happy to give credit for the line, at least whenever I can remember the author. However heinous that may sound, the rest of the world can be just as cavalier. Case in point, the famous and often misquoted line by Mark Twin, “The report of my death was an exaggeration” Countless people, me included, have massaged the line to fit their own purposes. My favorite has always been, ‘Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”.

At this stage of my life, the terms ‘death’ and ‘retirement’ are just opposite sides of the same coin. In a previous Living a Dream post, I unceremoniously announced my retirement from running.

My erstwhile training partner and co-creator of Living a Dream, Dave Doerrer, and I have retired from formal competition.  He for a pair of bad knees and me for a bad attitude.”

As it turns out the “Reports” of my retirement may be an exaggeration. My attitude has taken an up-tic. I have a new coach, Tamika Jameson, and a new set of aspirations. On February 8, 2020 on my first (age 54) and favorite track, Sun Angel Stadium, I will lace ‘em up for another run for glory with my septuagenarian pals in the 50 and 100 meter races. Wish me luck.


When it comes to living life backwards
Benjamin Button has nothing on me
I’ve dreamed of being me since I was three
And like the great poet Muhammad Ali
Me? Whee!

But I almost didn’t recognize myself
because I forgot you can dream backwards
as well as you can forwards
Just like I forgot how blessings come to me
Before I remember to ask for them
or like following through on a pitch
that’s already left your hand
So life is just a back-story
For the role I was born to play
And all I have to do now
is pretend I forgot the ending


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Living a Dream: Kind Attentions 1

I haven’t had time to elicit permission to identify my sources, but I feel like their comments belong to my poems. I hope you enjoy the poems and the kind attentions they have received.

“Man…You blow me away. (I know I’m going to get blisters o my fingers from typing this.)”  or You may turn out to be one of my very favorite poets. Yep, you’re almost there.” Katherine Woods

Can we talk, Lord
It’s this blessing thing
I have sincerely thanked you for my many gifts
many times, in many ways
So we’re straight, right
But what about all the other people I need to thank
the ones who lend a hand, or tease a smile
Or touch my face in the shadow of my soul

And how would my life have been
If it weren’t for this one or that one
True you brought me to these people
But they took it upon themselves to make a difference

So what I’m saying, Lord, I would hate to give credit
Where it may not be due
May not belong to the all knowing, all creating you

Oh, good heavens I give up
I just want you to know that sometimes it’s hard
to squeeze some praise that belongs to you
into a message for a mortal
who has truly made my life divine
All I’m saying, Lord

‘no más mis amigos’
“That’s a dandy Coxy” Dan Gleason

No more love poems
no more sad songs
no more adolescent angst
Elevate your sensitivity
Move your heart to higher ground
Soak your brain in harder thoughts
Suffer more searching
Salvage more soul

I Had a Life
“You make it real again.” Sam Knowles
“Love this one Garry.” Ellen Festa

I had a life, I had a wife, we had each other almost to forever
I think she left me, but I’m not sure now, I might have left her, I’m not sure how
But in my mind I cannot find a single saying of goodbye

I do know this much, there was always such love that even though I live alone now I can’t forget how close we came to the happy ever after

But after came and after went and she was sent to where she meant to be without me.
Leaving me, bereaving me, hanging on her last breath till her eyes grew wise to the surprise of the bright light that did not cause fright did not burn her but it did turn her away from those who loved her

Rejoice, rejoice, it was in her voice, and all the while that crooked smile and every day she said to me just bring you home, G, that’s all you have to do, G, that’s all you have to do, see.
It’s just you and me, see. That’s all we have to be, G

She was so smart she broke my heart
She promised me there would never be
a time that did not belong to the we of us

I remember now, the very how and the very we of us

She was my forever never meant for, never planned for never dreamed of a day without love, a night with no caresses, no tingling of the intermingling of our souls and the restless rest of the peaceful quest to live without the clanging and the banging of the day
and the shock of the living clock of our precious time together.

Rejoice, rejoice, it was in her voice, and all the while that crooked smile and every day she said to me just bring you home, G. That’s all you have to do, G. That’s all I ever need from you, see

I had a life, I had a wife, we had each other almost to forever

Love in the Bud
“This Is Lovely” Eileen Delorey

Let us promise not
when love is in the bud
that there can be a conjuring
with the incarnations of the seasons
and their death defying undulations
such that the raging beauty of our rose
can unleash its atom-smashing essence

But let us simply say we love today
And we might behold a new reality
A new and natural knowing
Serene in its sensitivity
Facile as our fleeting moments
Accepting of each other’s truth
as patient soil accepts the rain

“One test of poetry is its universality—does it hit us where we live, think, feel. You hit it every time, Garry.” Charlotte Stevens

Such a lovely calculus
you and I together
Despite whatever separates us
Despite whatever tethers

We have traveled over time
to find us teetering on a metaphor-
perhaps the ultimate sublime
of what could be our evermore

Do we fly up beyond the endless sea
or do we fall into the deep abyss
Are we only what was meant or not to be
or are we shapers of a future bliss

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Living a Dream: What Do Google, The English Language, God and History Have in Common?

Google is my go-to brain
since mine is very small
Although I’m very clever
Google knows it all

(Winston Churchill) mobilized the English language and sent it into battle… Edward R. Murrow
The nations of earth have weaponized God and set him upon each other. Little-known Poet
“History has it’s eyes on you.” The play Hamilton

If you live long enough, all your joys, sorrows, triumphs and defeats will return to you. As well as all your mistakes and unkind words and deeds. Not to mention all that’s been done to you and said about you. Heavy stuff! Unless of course, you have leaned to let it all go. Maybe this will help.

Feeling It Today
We are all of us Good to Great
Even if we Also Ran
We are pure of heart
Noble in our endeavors
Generous in our appreciations
Soaring in our spirituality
and vulnerable in our need for others
to co-create our litanies of triumph
over the enemies of hope
as we forge forgiveness
from the inside out

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