New Poets Wednesday: Kathryn Wood

Kathryn Sharp Wood was raised near The Rivers of Appanoose County. After retirement she found she enjoyed playing with words that rhyme. Her poem “In the Mourning” was written after her husband passed, and in working through times of grief, she remembered the “lighter” times of love. She always planned to tell him “thank you” [...]

New Poets Wednesday: E M Katherine DeLorey

My maternal Grandfather passed away long before I was born, leaving behind shelves of books of poetry. Reading words he loved, especially those he had underlined with red pencil, allowed me to hear his voice ~ and find my own.E M Katherine DeLorey  Wounded BirdsBeware of wounded birds,drawn to nurturingas moths to the flickering flame;stilled [...]

New Poets Wednesday

Windby Jason Bradway Casually caressing my skinRacing through my hairDancing across the grassPlayfully swaying with no traceRunning through the treesThe leaves shiver with gleeThe horses run with itIt makes me tremble with chillYet no where do I seeThis creature that it is to beCausing such commotionWith silence it can fleeOr howl in the darkness of [...]