I Had a Life

I had a life, I had a wife, we had each other almost to forever I think she left me, but I'm not sure now, I might have left her, I'm not sure how But in my mind I cannot find a single saying of goodbye I do know this much, there was always such love that even [...]

My Diamond Jubilee

I run because I have to I run because I can People wonder why I do it for twenty, fifty years a pop Why does anyone do anything For the Glory of it, of course No matter how fast we run How far we throw or how high we fly the earth will claim our [...]

A Modest Declaration

I am not a white man Or any other color of Any other man And I will be damned If I let you call me ‘Other’ And please do not presume to assume That I am one of you I am not a Christian man Yet I tithe and thrive in a Christian construct By [...]