On That Day

On That Day On the day that I pass over I will not rage against the dying of the light But I do wonder what will happen how it will feel entering the void of peace I might not recognize it when I get there or remember that I’ve lived before I will know full [...]

Timeless and True

Timeless and True based on an English nursery rhyme Timeless and true the eyes of history have fallen on you Hark, hark! the dogs do bark, Beggars are coming to town. Some in rags, some in jags, And one in a velvet gown And we are like children eagerly throwing baubles at the feet of a [...]

No Matter How Fast We Run

Covid-19 has impacted our lives to a degree never imagined. One of the most impactful outcomes is the loss of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, awarded this year to Tokyo, Japan. I would like to share a couple of my poems dedicated to the athletes aspiring to this great event.  No Matter How Fast We [...]