New Poets Wednesday: Kyrra Miller

My Leg Hurts

My leg hurts.
So, I’m going to the vet.
Daddy says I dislocated something,
We play too rough.
Mommy says it’s my arthritis,
Making it swell and hurt.

It’s hard to stand.
So, I lay on the floor,
I’m too big for the table.
Mommy sits with me,
I put my head in her lap.
She tells me I’m being a good boy.

The vet comes in.


I wonder what that means?

We went home.
I get a peanut butter sandwich,
It tastes funny.

I feel funny, so I lay on the kitchen floor.
Daddy and mommy lay with me.
Their faces are wet, I wonder why.

I get more sandwiches over the weekend.
Daddy keeps crying,
I don’t like that.
He was there when I opened my eyes.
He fed me yummy bottles until I was big.
He’s my best friend.

Mommy shows me boxes and lockets.
She says they can put my name and picture on the box.
The locket, daddy will wear every day.
It has a purple paw print,
Like my collar,
We could be matching!

Mommy and I cuddle on the couch,
We eat peanut butter out of the jar.
Daddy helps me in the car.
We go to McDonald’s.
I get burgers and fries and ice cream,
But daddy and mommy are still crying.

We go back to the vet.
I feel a poke.
I feel funny.

The doctor says I’m a good boy.
Daddy puts his forehead to mine.
I love you big guy.
I love you daddy.
Mommy hugs me tight,
She says I’m her baby boy.

Why is everyone crying?
My leg doesn’t hurt.