New Poets Wednesday: Maiden Voyage

As promised, here is our inaugural poem from our inaugural Poet, Angel Hoppe.
Angel is an online student at Post University in Waterford, CT.

I have always found writing to be a way for me to relieve stress, whether it’s journaling, poems, or stories.  I started writing children’s books with hopes of becoming a published author one day.

Memories of a Loved One

I can hear the laughter of children running on the beach
The warm sand between my toes, like a soft sandpaper
I hear my Grandma, warning us not to go too deep in the cold water
This was my happiest place with her

I stand on the beach where the sand meets the ocean
Memories flood my mind as the waves crash around me
As the sun shines above me, filling me with warmth and happy thoughts
Of days when life was simpler, and love was aplenty

Even though Grandma has left this earth
She lives on in our hearts and minds
I will continue to visit our happy place
To keep the memories of her alive, forever, and always

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