New Poets Wednesday

Windby Jason Bradway Casually caressing my skinRacing through my hairDancing across the grassPlayfully swaying with no traceRunning through the treesThe leaves shiver with gleeThe horses run with itIt makes me tremble with chillYet no where do I seeThis creature that it is to beCausing such commotionWith silence it can fleeOr howl in the darkness of [...]

On the Que

Mirror MirrorI See You Whiteythrough the thin veneer of yourcutting eyesAnd I explore the core of  your copious rageRage that you have been disengagedfrom the privileges you were promised-to be undisputed lord and masterover all mankind of color-That privilege stolen from you by surly slavesFreed to walk amongst youAllowed to ape your inheritancesas masters of [...]