Rings So you discern the age of a tree by counting it's rings, rightAnd before Botox, we measured the age of a human by its  assortment of wrinklesBut have you ever heard a tree say, 'I wish I had fewer rings.I wish I could just stop accumulating them'I dare say not. Any self respecting tree [...]

Pie In the Sky

from my new book of poems Coffee With the Bard: 2020 Blues My Dad passed on when I was very young. As you might expect, I was frightened and heartbroken. And to compound my pain it was around that time I began to hear a lot about heaven. “Your Dad’s in Heaven with God. They’ll [...]

Pay It Forward

By the Light By the light of this daymay you find the best wayto let go of the hurt and the hateBy the light of this daydon't look the other wayfrom the suffering of either sideI know things are roughbut one Civil Warwas many times morethan anyone thought was enoughBy the light of this dayThrow [...]