National Daughter’s Day

To the Daughter We Named Brett

Though you were aptly named
according to your mom and me
It was from a white man’s book
which has troubled me of late
We should have had the Indians name you
for they have vision in these things

This attestment comes from me:
From the day you were born
you’ve been solid in your place
sturdy in your bones
steadfast in your ways

Now let the Indians say through me
these are names you’ve grown to be

One who gives honor to her heritage
One who loves her family
One who is constant in her loyalties
One who stands for her convictions
One who fights for fairness
One who has her shit together
One who fears no heights
One who conquers water
One who will not be slighted
One who does not accept dichotomy
One who minces not her words
One who takes pride in her work
One who holds accountable
One who hides her vulnerability
One who falls a lot
One who sings with power
One who holds a godly spirit in her heart
One whose eyes enfold the universe

I do believe these names ring true
But they are not the sum of you
You are more than we can see
The more you are the more you’ll be
Brett unfolding in her light
her soul ascending unnamed heights

Something about a River
(inspired by my daughter Amy)

There is something about a river
that provides my greatest clue to you

Wide when the earth allows
seeping out through rocks and loam and sand
common to the lowlands, the flatlands,
the great basins sprouting grains
spreading from the water’s edge
across the storied plains

Narrow when created new
or driven deep by granite walls
far below the influence of the sun

Not content to rage along the surface
nor to counterfeit a deadly calm
she would have us know of her geology
the sources of her currents and her undertows

She would have us know her passion
for living full her moments of intention
Have us know her gratitude
For each renewing raindrop
that joins her in her play

Ever seeking promise
in something greater than herself
Ever seeking holy sanction
to shed her mighty singularity

Until she bursts at last
upon the oneness of the ocean
receiving unconditional welcome
knowing wholeness without struggle
peaceful in the wisdom of god’s way

There is something about a river
that provides my greatest clue to you