National Daughter’s Day

To the Daughter We Named Brett Though you were aptly namedaccording to your mom and meIt was from a white man’s bookwhich has troubled me of lateWe should have had the Indians name youfor they have vision in these things This attestment comes from me:From the day you were bornyou’ve been solid in your placesturdy [...]

Exit Strategy No exit strategy for the Civil WarBecause it never endedWe just laid low for 175 yearsStuck our heads up for a minuteback in the 60'sJim Crow is alive and wellWe might get him this timeOr the South might get a rematchWho knows what tomorrow bringsor whose flag will fly The Bard of Appanoose

The Bards Contrarian Bar

Signs of My Times Sign on my office doorif I ever get an office"No Lying, Cheating, or Price GougingPoliticians of any ilkneed not applyGratuities Graciously Accepted" Sign On My Condo Doorif I ever get up the nerve “Contrarians Welcomeall others be wary” Contrarians’ Creed Welcome to the Bard's Contrarian Barwhere things are nearly neverwhat you [...]