Rubber Bullets

Rubber Bullets The Clown is in the candy store Wrecking havoc with all the toys The Beast still roams the countryside Still making all the noise Rubber Bullets and Plexiglas Windows Rubber Bullets and Plexiglas Souls Rubber Bullets and Plexiglas People Rubber Bullets and Plexiglas Woes The news may be fake but the hate is [...]

Nature Nurtures

Rings So you discern the age of a tree by counting it's rings, right And before Botox, we measured the age of a human by itsĀ  assortment of wrinkles But have you ever heard a tree say, 'I wish I had fewer rings. I wish I could just stop accumulating them' I dare say not. [...]

May It Please the Court

  Sophists and disciples of sloganeering full of moral skepticism and specious reasoning observe 'You are not a drop in the ocean you are the entire ocean in a drop" Rumi That's poetry I rest my case The Bard of Appanoose To see more of my poems and blogs go to