By the Light

By the Light  By the light of this day may you find the best way to let go of the hurt and the hate By the light of this day don't look the other way from the suffering of either side I know things are rough but one Civil War was many times more than [...]

Covid-19 Vacation–Chapter Four

"Be absolute for death: for either death or life shall be the sweeter" William Shakespeare  From Nelson Mandela's autobiography, The Long Walk to Freedom I was assigned a cell at the head of the corridor. It overlooked the courtyard and had a small eye-level window. I could walk the length of my cell in three [...]

Happy Sunday

Good Morning Lord Good morning Lord your sunshine keeping promise to the moon Good morning hope Still here, though oft I bid you leave Good morning heart My, you’re feeling light today Good morning soul So eager for your prayer Good morning love As bright and perfect as the day This Thing Called Us Don’t [...]