You Could If You Would

You Could If You Would You could miss the water before the well runs dry You could taste the tears before you feel the cry You could put the cart before the horse and you could eat desert before the main course You could put the Genie back in the bottle and you could make [...]

Brain Mites

Brain Mites  Lightening Bugs brain mites creatures to light to go bump in the night What are they Why are they Why do they come to me Late at night- before my first letting go and early morning too and after long entangled dreams Like tiny dancers with their tiny voices We know you have [...]

On That Day

On That Day On the day that I pass over I will not rage against the dying of the light But I do wonder what will happen how it will feel entering the void of peace I might not recognize it when I get there or remember that I’ve lived before I will know full [...]