Living a Dream: Once More Unto the Breach

To Outrun My Aging 

“Once More unto the breach”
Not about war, more about reach
about choosing this day
to return to the fray
to race for more glory
to add to my story

to strike or to fall
to give it my all
to feel my heart racing
as fast as my feet
to outrun my aging
to bypass defeat

to race for more glory
to add to my story

As it turns out the “Reports” of my retirement may be an exaggeration. My attitude has taken an up-tic. I have a new coach, Tameka Jameson, and a new set of aspirations. On February 8, 2020 on my first and favorite Arizona track, Sun Angel Stadium, I will lace ‘em up for another run for glory with my septuagenarian pals in the 50 and 100 meter races. Wish me luck.

Wed 2/5/2020 Three days before race day. My spirit is soaring,  but my mind is all over the place. The meet at Sun Angel is a qualifying meet for the National Senior Olympic Games. That’s a pretty big deal for Arizona Senior Athletes. For me, not so much. Mainly because I’m pretty sure my days of traveling great distances for the privilege of racing the top tier athletes are behind me.

It’s all about personal goals at this point. In ascending order, my goals for this Saturday’s competition are: 1) a couple of medals-maybe a gold;  2) a personal best in either of my races, and 3) the Big Kahuna, meet or exceed All-American Standards in either of my races.

A note about All-American standards. They exist for every five-year age group, starting at age 50. In my 50’s meeting All-American standards was a joke. In a good meet, you might not even make finals with an All-American time. So now, at age 77, it seems the joke is on me. I barely remember the last time I ran that fast.