Living a Dream: Reports of My Demise

As a writer or even worse a poet, I am the basest of thieves. I will steal a line in a heartbeat if it tickles my fancy. I am happy to give credit for the line, at least whenever I can remember the author. However heinous that may sound, the rest of the world can be just as cavalier. Case in point, the famous and often misquoted line by Mark Twin, “The report of my death was an exaggeration” Countless people, me included, have massaged the line to fit their own purposes. My favorite has always been, ‘Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”.

At this stage of my life, the terms ‘death’ and ‘retirement’ are just opposite sides of the same coin. In a previous Living a Dream post, I unceremoniously announced my retirement from running.

My erstwhile training partner and co-creator of Living a Dream, Dave Doerrer, and I have retired from formal competition.  He for a pair of bad knees and me for a bad attitude.”

As it turns out the “Reports” of my retirement may be an exaggeration. My attitude has taken an up-tic. I have a new coach, Tamika Jameson, and a new set of aspirations. On February 8, 2020 on my first (age 54) and favorite track, Sun Angel Stadium, I will lace ‘em up for another run for glory with my septuagenarian pals in the 50 and 100 meter races. Wish me luck.


When it comes to living life backwards
Benjamin Button has nothing on me
I’ve dreamed of being me since I was three
And like the great poet Muhammad Ali
Me? Whee!

But I almost didn’t recognize myself
because I forgot you can dream backwards
as well as you can forwards
Just like I forgot how blessings come to me
Before I remember to ask for them
or like following through on a pitch
that’s already left your hand
So life is just a back-story
For the role I was born to play
And all I have to do now
is pretend I forgot the ending


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