Living a Dream: What Do Google, The English Language, God and History Have in Common?

Google is my go-to brain
since mine is very small
Although I’m very clever
Google knows it all

(Winston Churchill) mobilized the English language and sent it into battle… Edward R. Murrow
The nations of earth have weaponized God and set him upon each other. Little-known Poet
“History has it’s eyes on you.” The play Hamilton

If you live long enough, all your joys, sorrows, triumphs and defeats will return to you. As well as all your mistakes and unkind words and deeds. Not to mention all that’s been done to you and said about you. Heavy stuff! Unless of course, you have leaned to let it all go. Maybe this will help.

Feeling It Today
We are all of us Good to Great
Even if we Also Ran
We are pure of heart
Noble in our endeavors
Generous in our appreciations
Soaring in our spirituality
and vulnerable in our need for others
to co-create our litanies of triumph
over the enemies of hope
as we forge forgiveness
from the inside out

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Living a Dream: Rise Up

I am a septuagenarian, trying to get the bulk of my creative work done before I  become an octogenarian. One way to put it. Another-I am a man caught somewhere between a hot date and a room with free meals at the local Independent Living Center. I’m good with all that. 

Training Me
So when Dustin Imdieke left the ALTIS group to become the track coach at Adams State University,  Dave defaulted to coaching me. As previously mentioned, we are both retired from competition.

But I have a new taskmaster-Joey Duck. More about her later. For now all you need to know is, in addition to cracking the  whip on my new one-day-a-week training regime, she is helping me put my new poetry book together.  Working title-Beyond the Waters. Scheduled to launch in October, 2019.

The bulk of credit for my first book, The Waters of Appanoose County, goes to Mallory Gilbert, now a full-time teacher at Scottsdale Christian Academy. Both Joey and Mallory are ALTIS graduates. And as you may already know, ALTIS remains a conduit for exceptional human beings.

Landscape of Our Dreams

Take heed the changing landscape of your dreams
as one dream morphs into another
Leading us all to ask-
How can I encourage myself and others
to hold fast to our dreams
even if we’ve lost track of them
or forsaken them
Or found them somehow unworthy
of the persons we were meant to be
You can choose one dream over another
You can throw in the towel on one or all of them
Hopefully along the way you learn,
as many athletes have,
that victory lies in simply showing up
laying it on the line,
physically, mentally, emotionally,
and, according to your lights, spiritually
When you have done that,
you have done your job
And that is its own reward