The Changing Landscape of Your Dreams

Take heed the changing landscape of your dreams as one dream morphs into another Leading us all to ask- How can I encourage myself and others to hold fast to our dreams even if we’ve  lost track of  them or forsaken them Or found them somehow unworthy of the persons we were meant to be You can [...]

Feeling it Today

We are all of us Good to Great Even if we Also Ran We are pure of heart Noble in our endeavors Generous in our appreciations Soaring in our spirituality and vulnerable in our need for others to co-create our litanies of triumph over the enemies of hope as we forge forgiveness from the inside out  

I’m Alright With That Lord

I had a thought this morning Lord in the midst of meditation, revelation, elevation- that you love everything the 'all' in your creation equally, without distinction That you love the fly biting at my ankles every bit as much as you love me I'm alright with that Lord Thanks to you I see that love [...]