Squirrels In the Attic

I awoke this morning to a scurrying of something overhead Squirrels in the attic? You haven’t had an attic in 60 years Neighbors above me? Off on a trip, last I heard Oh yes, oh yes It’s my grandchildren, Scarlett and Theo Of course, two little sunflowers surging for the sun Escaping from the stillness [...]

I Saw You Standing in the Courtyard

I saw you standing in the court-yard before or after church unattached, disengaged You were very dark your clothes your demeanor Then in motion you passed by as though you didn’t see me and I followed cautious, hiding all intent You abruptly turned and smiled at me or gave a look of recognition which I [...]

Good Morning Lord

Good morning Lord your sunshine keeping promise to the moon  Good morning hope Still here, though oft I bid you leave  Good morning heart My, you’re feeling light today  Good morning soul So eager for your prayer  Good morning love As bright and perfect as the day