I Saw You Standing in the Courtyard

I saw you standing in the court-yard
before or after church
unattached, disengaged
You were very dark
your clothes
your demeanor
Then in motion
you passed by as though you didn’t see me
and I followed cautious, hiding all intent
You abruptly turned and smiled at me
or gave a look of recognition
which I took to be a smile
I moved to close the space between us,
but you stopped me with a cry
Wordless, soundless
but nonetheless a cry
that framed us in our final stand
Creature to creature
Splendor to splendor
And from your splendor came this truth
‘I am not here for you’
And from mine own
‘I know, nor I for you’
And holding brief a final stare
We parted

5 thoughts on “I Saw You Standing in the Courtyard

    1. Hey, Pam. Thanks for liking my poem. Realize I’m a bit late in responding. What can I say? I’m technologically challenged. Love and stay well!


  1. HI…its Pam from upstairs or Pam Anasazi. In reality, it is Pam Fantasia. Anyway, I made a comment about the courtyard poem that you republished separately on your blog and wrote that that was my favorite poem and it still is.

    I still have the little bottle of coffee to give you, shame on me for being negligent

    I took a break from pool for a few days but I expect to be out there at 4 and home by 7 unless something happens to kill that plan. Hope all is well….



    1. Hey, Pam. Sorry I missed this one. But thanks for responding that you liked my poem. It’s 2020 and we are still alive and friends. Life is good!


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