Same Day Delivery

 Do we really want
all that we clamor for-
Peace of mind
Freedom to worship
International congeniality
Equality for all-
The usual suspects

Or is what we truely want
a Universal Postal System
with Same Day Delivery
embedded in its constitution

Same Day Every Day
becomes our battle cry
As the tyranny of ‘Now’
surrenders to our hearts’ desires
Flowing through this heavenly gifting
that does not require our presence
in order to receive

Just knock and run and leave it at the door
Thanks God

I’m Alright with That Lord

I had a thought this morning Lord
in the midst of meditation,
revelation, evaluation-
That you love everything,
the all in your creation
equally, without distinction
That you love the fly
biting at my ankles
every bit as much as you love me

I’m alright with that Lord
Thanks to you I see that love  is love
and all there really is
I see that love is something I can choose
to accept and freely give
to all beings in my given realm
including this danged ankle-biting fly





What Is the Soul

What is the soul if not for longing
For seeking the great oneness
in ever greater measure?

And what is the body if not for holding
For imagining the potential
of the unnecessary and the forgotten?

And what are dreams if not for unfolding
For facing the archetypes of our earthly existence
as they play out our hopes and fears?

And what is truth if not for telling
For speaking from our highest selves
to whom we are accountable?