March Blessings

My taxes are done
In some sense I’ve won
Escaped by the skin of my teeth 

The fair was quite high
for the year that’s gone bye
But my soul I did not bequeath 

The money I’ve spent
had a heavenly bent
but good times were devilishly brief



Uber Man

I can get there in the morning
Get there late at night
Get there in my underwear
Lookin like a fright

Don’t need a phone call
Just a credit card
Pluck on my computer
I’ll show up in your yard 

Don’t have to worry
Don’t have to take a chance
I can get there when you need me
No notice to advance

Get there when I want to
Cause I got the plan
Get there with a smiley face
Cause I’m an Uber man

Get there with a smiley face
Cause I’m an Uber man



Love on the Hardwood

March Madness
Catapults us off the shelf
No slice of life but life itself
Baptism in fire
Extinguishing ire
Engendering glee
Killing ennui
Rekindling love for all the above

Ignore the scoops
Because it’s hoops
Hopes will narrow
With the possession arrow
We pick our pets
And hedge our bets
And hear all the racquet
About all the brackets

But the bands play on
Till the nets are gone
It’s do or die
Till the champions cry
Yet we’re allowed
To slip the crowd
Having made our bones
We can stand alone

For in this moment
and for this while
We have our own concept
We have our own style
We cheer for our teams
We cheer for each other
We console our losses
Like sister and brother

It is our passion
It is our call
It is our connection
This Basketball