March Blessings

My taxes are done In some sense I’ve won Escaped by the skin of my teeth  The fair was quite high for the year that’s gone bye But my soul I did not bequeath  The money I’ve spent had a heavenly bent but good times were devilishly brief    

Uber Man

I can get there in the morning Get there late at night Get there in my underwear Lookin like a fright Don’t need a phone call Just a credit card Pluck on my computer I’ll show up in your yard  Don’t have to worry Don’t have to take a chance I can get there when [...]

Love on the Hardwood

March Madness Catapults us off the shelf No slice of life but life itself Baptism in fire Extinguishing ire Engendering glee Killing ennui Rekindling love for all the above Ignore the scoops Because it’s hoops Hopes will narrow With the possession arrow We pick our pets And hedge our bets And hear all the racquet [...]