Benjamin Button Has Nothing On Me

When it comes to living life backwards
Benjamin Button has nothing on me
I’ve dreamed of being me since I was three
And like the great poet Muhammad Ali
Me? Whee!
But I almost didn’t recognize myself
because I forgot you can dream backwards
as well as you can forwards
Just like I forgot how blessings come to me
Before I remember to ask for them
or like following through on a pitch
that’s already left your hand
So life is just a back-story
For the role I was born to play
And all I have to do now
is pretend I forgot the ending


Tribute to John Denver

I do love the diamonds
but I’ll take the stones
Those heavenly slabs of play-doe
that hold captive the essence of my soul
until I take the hammer of my calling
and the chisel of my life force
and release the butterfly of my existence
in the name of all that’s good
for the sake of all that’s holy