Where Do Angels Come From?

I think it’s great that God resides in all of us
but there are times when we need more specificity
Like how is God in you the same or different from the God in me
And what happens when either of us can’t get through to God
because we hurt too much to feel the healing spirit
without the help of mortal touch

I think that’s how Angels come to be
I know for sure you’ve Angeled me
which is why I chose this Angel for my Christmas Tree
She may not look at all like you
but she portrays the spirit of the perfect little girl
who could not help but come from love
could not help but bring me comfort
could not help but feel my joy
and still can’t help herself from watching over me

Squirrels In the Attic

I awoke this morning to a scurrying of something overhead
Squirrels in the attic?
You haven’t had an attic in 60 years
Neighbors above me?
Off on a trip, last I heard
Oh yes, oh yes

It’s my grandchildren, Scarlett and Theo
Of course, two little sunflowers surging for the sun
Escaping from the stillness of the family bed
Knowing mom is sure to follow
Theo hell bent to explore everything behind every door
Happy to be distracted by a juicy drawer
Scattering objects in his wake
Scarlett dedicated to an early start on her allotted TV time
Vigilant to the assemblage of her appointed audience
Mom and Dad and me
Oh yes, oh yes

Once more it comes, my blessed dilemma
Should I celebrate my waking
by reveling in the sounds of family rising
Smiling in my bed, in my heart
Or should I race to join the fray
knowing mom and coffee are sure to follow

How coldly comes the answer
They’ve gone back to Kansas City
It was the scurry of your brain, then
Peeling back the numbness of your heart
so it could assimilate your loss
and begin anew to search the question
Will I be alright, being once again alone

Oh yes, oh yes
My faith would have it so
Oh yes, oh yes
But oh….