The Rest of My Life: A Unified Theory

I gave myself a crash course
‘In what’ you might inquire
In being me without remorse
and how I might inspire
The hope that’s never left me
like that friend you don’t deserve
or the ways of God you don’t see
and the ways I yet may serve
So thanks for asking, now I’m basking,
Shining in the light of my glory
Spared the need for multi-tasking
I can simply tell my story

A Tangled Trinity

Luck, Karma and Fate-
a mighty triad of avoidance
Each sprouting champions
and legions of disciples
Each spawning dogma
Conjuring cannons of exclusivity
Hawking salvation theories
Each hell-bent to tame
the tyranny of ‘Now’
and escape the watchful eye
of the one true Creator
who asks for none of this
as purchase for his love

Early Christmas

Burning Question: How long does it take to write a book of poetry?
Burning answer: Seventy-four years if you’re me.
But dreams do come true and perseverance does pay off.
On Dec 15 my book of poetry, The Waters of Appanoose County, will make its official debut! Available soon for pre-ordering on Amazon. Stay tuned for updates.