Living a Dream: Skin in the Game


The journey starts with a hungry heart
fed by the archetypical dream
of glory not for the chosen
but for the choosers

As blogs go Living a Dream is more about dedication to a dream than in chronicling wins and losses. More about the experience than the results. Dave and I are blessed to rub elbows with coaches and athletes who have worked more than hard enough to succeed in their sport, have exceeded the norms for learning curves, have offered the support of friendship to their colleagues and competitors alike. They have enriched our lives simply by showing up every day and being the exemplary human beings they have chosen to be.

There is no shame
no one to blame
but it’s just not the same
without skin in the game

And a having a legendary coach doesn’t hurt. Among other attributes, ALTIS Head Coach Dan Pfaff is King of the One-liners:
Improve accountability, transparency and cooperation from all the stakeholders.
dan Pfaff dpfaff@PfaffSC

Garry: You know Dave, being such ALTIS fans we might be viewed as a tad unpatriotic.
Dave: Because we might root for an athlete from another country?
Garry: Well, I wouldn’t make a habit of it, but yeah.
Dave: What about team sports? Would you root against the US Soccer team?
Garry: Of course not.
Dave: Would it bother you if the United States didn’t win the most gold medals?
Garry: A little bit, maybe. But I could live with it.
Dave: Then you should probably stick with Track & Field.
Garry: You mean it’s ok for me to want Usain Bolt to beat Justin Gatlin?
Dave: I’d say just stick with ALTIS. They’re like family.
Garry: Yeah, I guess if an American sprinter and a Canadian sprinter went head to head…
Dave: They’re both ALTIS.
Garry: So it’s a win/win. (Thoughtful pause) I hope Bolt destroys Gatlin.

These are the ALTIS athletes competing in Rio. You can follow Dave and me (Living a Dream) as we try to keep up with them, 0r you can do your own Facebooking, twittering and snapchatting and we can follow you. You’re bound to be faster.

Akeem Haynes     100m, 4 x 100m
Andre Degrasse    100m, 2oom, 4 x 100m
Christabel Netty   Long Jump

United States
Ameer Webb       200m, 4x100m
Trenton Merrill   Long Jump
Jahvid Bes             100m
Jeremy Dodson    100m, 200m

Torri Pena             Pole Vault

Great Britain
Greg Rutherford   Long Jump
Dan Greaves          Discus
Jodie Williams      200m

Kenia Sinclair        800m

Matthias Buhler     110H

Mikel Thomas         110H

Yosiri Urrutia         Triple Jump

Vikas Gowda            Discus

Ivory Coast
Wilfried Koffi Hua  100m, 200m, 4×100

Ella Nelson                200m
Fabrice Lapierre      Long Jump

Sierra Leone
Hafsa Kamara          100m, 200m

Isabell Pederson     100m

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